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Our menu

Creative signature cuisine, with local produce and a relaxed atmosphere to share with your partner, family or friends. The Diferent is ideal for people who enjoy the art of good food, thanks to its fusion of flavours which combine an unprecedented experience for the palate.

If you want to experience our culinary range without letting all the flavours get away from you, our TASTING MENU is made for you.

To experience

Tasting menu

Baby broad beans salad, cockles, duck ham and mint

Pumpkin gnocchi’s with Norway lobsters and El Ros cheese

Foie in two cooking with artichokes textures

Octopus, Iberian bacon, cauliflower and migas (bread, garlic and oil stew)

Plankton seafood rissotto, clams and shrimps dentelle

Bull tail with ratafia, carrot’s Parmentier and pickled baby onions

Fruit passion, coconut, egg yolk and lime

Chocolate in textures and liquorice

Total price ……….  65,00€
Aperitif, bread, petit fours & VAT included  / Drinks not included

NOTE: Diferent Restaurant doesn’t guarantee no cross contamination


Art cuisine

Our menu




Bread service, appetizers & petit fours 3,00€ – VAT included

– We have a letter with allergens –

NOTE: Diferent Restaurant doesn’t guarantee no cross contamination


Selection of wines and cavas


The perfect experience at the Diferent comes with a selection of local and organic red, rosé and white wines and cavas that will dazzle your 5 senses.