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Creative signature cuisine, with local produce and a relaxed atmosphere to share with your partner, family or friends. The Diferent is ideal for people who enjoy the art of good food, thanks to its fusion of flavours which combine an unprecedented experience for the palate.

If you want to experience our culinary range without letting all the flavours get away from you, our TASTING MENU is made for you.

To experience

Tasting Menu

Vegetable ravioli, tomato sauce and basil

Crustacean soup, prawns and monkfish

Pickled foie gras with pears in Palo Cortado wine and crunchy honey

Roast veal cannelloni, mushroom béchamel and Cofat cheese

Slow-cooked cod with stewed beans, tripe and blood sausage

Leg of duck with figs, vanilla and orange


Mango millefeuille, tangerine and hazelnut praline

Chocolate autumn forest and matcha tea

Total price ……….  62,00€
Drinks not included – Aperitif, bread, petit fours & VAT included



The menu



Bread service, appetizers & petit fours 3,00€ – VAT included

NOTE: Diferent Restaurant doesn’t guarantee no cross contamination


Selection of wines and cavas


The perfect experience at the Diferent comes with a selection of local and organic red, rosé and white wines and cavas that will dazzle your 5 senses.


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